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Adrift - A Verse by Rayen-V-Storme Adrift - A Verse by Rayen-V-Storme
EDIT: Wowza! Well, thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed the poem! uh, took off a liiiiitle more than I thought it would.   O.O
Huzzah for my beautiful watchers who launched me onto the hot page for literature!
Hugs for everyone!
Y'all always make me feel fuzzy ^.~


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Have you ever wanted to just scream? 
No reason really, but to just shout aloud against the whole wide world?
Declare your defiance, fight against the impossible but at least go down trying?
At least know you did something!

It never really helps.
No, instead...we simply feel cut off. Like we are falling away and no matter how hard we try to grab, it just keeps drifting away...
I pray I never lose sight of the things I've lost over the years just so that someday...someday I will remember everything I have given up and lost and know there was a purpose. Some reason. Something to justify why I did what I had to do.
But until that day, I will fall. Fall through the skies and the stars and feel....adrift.

May you never experience the hollow heart of a drifting soul.

Edit: This isn't for just some single reason. This isn't just brought up due to some recent problem or something silly. Its a culmination of events and experiences and lifetimes of loss. So don't you sit there and worry about me, dear Watchers! I just felt like...talking aloud for a change.

Art Credit:
The credit goes to the, as always, astounding ~RubenFer
Your work is beautiful, haunting, and inspiring. Keep it up, mate!

And...maybe for once, the thumbnail will work?
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ecal55 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
teen's pain , just a magical land of inspiration and virginity. reality, oh such a lover.
Rayen-V-Storme Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha interesting way to put it there.
Bibliosmith Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Professional Writer
Again with the amazing writing.  And I think of myself as harder on verse than prose.  You are quite simply, very talented and the aforementioned amazing.
Rayen-V-Storme Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much. Hearing that is really...its both a comfort and a motivation. I appreciate it a lot! So very much. Thank you.
MoskusAS Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
A truly emotional piece, for me at least!

It reminds me of a short story I read when I was 13, about a group of astronauts who knew they would never return to earth. 
For that memory, I thank you with all my heart and wish you, knocking on wood, great luck with your future endeavours. :D
Rayen-V-Storme Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it tugs on some heartstrings for me as well.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate them more than you can imagine! And treasure those memories. Sometimes these days, they are all we have ^.~
I likewise wish you grand luck with your own writing as well ;)
MoskusAS Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
I thank you likewise. 
Write well! :)
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